Zionist women movement before WWII

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Zionist women movement before WWII

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Zionist women movement {Zionist women movement Organization (WIZO)} before WWII.

From the report of the charperson we learn that since the Second Congress at the end of October 1933, they held 26 bazaars and the women's organizations contribution to the Keren Kayemet fund reached 30–35% from all proceeds. 35 out of the 40 branches were visited by the members of the executive council: Miriam Berger – 14, Dina Carol, Eretz Israel – 14, Yehudith Geler (3), Dora Goldman – 1 and Liuba Brodskaya – 1.

The Third Congress took place in Kishinev on Elul 18–20, 5695 (September 16–18, 1935). The reports presented by the chairperson Miriam Berger and by the secretary Yehudith Geler show a development of the women's organizations in Bessarabia in the last 5 years since inception. In 1931 there were 18 centres while now their number is 44 with 2,500 members. A strong conection was established among the branches through correspondence and personal visits from the central committee. The women participation grew in the area of aid for the educational institutions and in the activity of Keren Kayemet and in general was geared to raising the national awareness.

During 5694–5695 (1934–1935) 40 bazaares were held – two each in Ismail, Akkerman, Artziz, Bolgrad, Bender, Vadul–Rashkov, Vartujeni, Tatar Bunar, Tarutina, Lipkani, Soroca, Cheadir–Lunga, Capreshti and Rezina, and one bazaar was held in each of these localities: Beltz, Brichani, Teleneshti, Leova, Manzir, Marculeshti, Novoselitza, Secureni, Kaushani, Kishinev, Romanovka and Rishcani.

The bazaars raised 408,342 Lei out of the 700,000 Lei raised by other organizations.

The question of affitiation with WIZO got a positive answer due to a change in direction taken after the Seventh Congress in Prague and the Eight Congress in Tel Aviv, i.e to raise the importance of Zionism and to work towards the training of Pioneers and immigration.

From the reports we learn that the most active chapter was in Soroca under the leadership on Mrs. Fanya Fleksor. Due to her dedication in the last three years the chapter raised 100,000 Lei, a large sum considering that the town was very poor.
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