Soroca - is not Chisinau or even...Paris

This is our attempt to offer news about Soroki (current name Soroca, Moldova) history and current news to our english readers, who's roots and ancestors are from the town or surrounding area

Soroca - is not Chisinau or even...Paris

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The district hospital of Soroca is visited by outstanding physicians from abroad not the first time. Although the term "visit" is not quite complete, in our case, because doctors do not come empty-handed, not to mention the fact that the master classes, which they represent, are priceless. This time, in Soroca was a delegation from France, which included three medics, one technician and four representatives of the world charitable organizations "Rotary".

Informally, the head of the delegation was Mr. Etienne Steiner, primarily as a world-class surgeon, and second of all, as a man born by mother from Soroca. "My mother was born here, 100 years ago. My aunt used to live in the city and worked as a doctor, she currently lives in Germany ", proudly shared with us Dr. Steiner. "We come to the Republic of Moldova for the fourth time and we do it in solidarity with our colleagues who work here. I personally believe that it is not good that in Soroca the surgeons do not do such operations as in Chisinau and in Paris. Especially in the context of what the surgical team, led by the Department chief Mr. Viacheslav Kostin - a professional team, and the people of the province should have the same health care as all citizens. "

In order to somehow deal with this "abnormal" situation Mr. Steiner and his colleagues have taken to Soroka medical equipment worth 20,000 euros. Simple listing of the equipment will not much say a lot to readers, so it is necessary to understand the position of Soroca physicians, who believe that it will take a long time until our hospital is able to buy such equipment:
1. Laporoskopiya with chain image for gelioskopich operations;
2. Colonoscope for endoscopic examination of the colon;
3. Surgical table;
4. ORL Surgical Microscope for ENT procedures;
5. Ophthalmic surgical microscope;
6. Microscope to study the histological analyzes;
7. Chair for gynecological examinations;
8. Ultrasound machine;
9. Doppler ultrasound examination of the circulatory system;
10. Chairs for transportation of patients;
11. Oxygen generators;
12 Dental Office ...

Overall, more than 20 types of vehicles and equipment that have been collected, with the help of doctors and staff of the "Rotary", some of the specialized agencies of France and brought back for free! to us Sorochans.

Mihai Mytsu, chief doctor of the Soroca district hospital : "I am touched by a gesture, Mr. Steiner and his colleagues, who presented us this gift. I would say more, this is not the first time when they arrive to Soroca "with a full bag," and it is impossible not to admire them and I hope that there are still Great people in this troubled world. Unfortunately, many of us probably do not understand why some French take care of our health, but ... there are people such as Etienne. I have no choice but to thank them for the gifts that we did not expect to get, and I want to share with them the bow of those who would use this gift. "

Vyacheslav Kostin, head of the surgical department of the district hospital: "After this visit, Mr. Steiner and his colleagues brought the surgical room of our unit into a new era of development, adding to the list of new services. We had the opportunity to attend the surgery, which was conducted by Mr. Steiner, and were amazed at his perfect technique and virtuosity of movement ... of course, with regard to the equipment received as a gift, there are some problems, several components have been lost in transit, but with the help of colleagues from Chisinau, we can solve them. The main thing that Soroceanies will not have to go to the capital to do some tests ... "

Tamara Costin, physician-dentist: "Frankly, I do not even have dreamed of such a dental office, a very modern, although I have always aspired to something better. Thanks to technician Andre Nieradsa and a representative of "Rotary" Nazca Gilles, who found the miracle service. It will take some time until we, physicians and our patients will be able to properly evaluate the gift received from the French. Last but not least I want to thank the administration of the district hospital, which show all their concern for physicians and patients. "

In parting, I read in the eyes of Etienne Steiner and his colleagues not only justifiable satisfaction that this time they arrived on time, and exactly where it was needed, but also a desire to return to Soroca for the fifth time.

Victor Kobesnyanu
Observatorul de Nord

Translated from russian
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