Jewish Dumbraveni website

This is our attempt to offer news about Soroki (current name Soroca, Moldova) history and current news to our english readers, who's roots and ancestors are from the town or surrounding area

Jewish Dumbraveni website

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The JewishGen web site ( has added a new name to their Kehila Links.
The existing names are:
Towns formerly in the Russian Gubernia of Bessarabia are marked with "(B)".
• Bălti (Belz)(B)
• Bender (Bendery, Tighina)(B)
• Briceva (Bricheva) (B)
• Briceni (Brichany, Britshan) (B)
• Călăraşi (Kalarash) (B)
• Camenca (Kamenka)
• Căuşeni (Kaushany) (B)
• Chişinău (Kishinev) (B)
• Dubăsari (Dubossary, Dubasar)(In Progress. Contact Alexandr Ozias Ucstein)
• Dumbrãveni (Dombroveny, Dombroven)(B)
• Leova (B)
• Olişcani (Olishkan) (B)
• Orhei (Orgeyev) (B)

The name for the new site is :
Dumbraveni site.png
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This website is designed for English readers, who live all around the world, for people, who’s roots are from shtetl Dumbraveni (former Dombroven), Bessarabia. The jewish shtetl Dombroven was destroyed 70 years ago ( on July 1941), but the memory about these people is still living in our hearts.
For many years the information about Dombroven was spreaded in two languages: most in Hebrew and in Russian, for the last 10 years.
The site is the first attempt to compile the whole material into one place with all available links. The goal is to introduce the history of the first agricultural colony in Bessarabia to English readers.
We would appreciate if you find the site “Dumbraveni” helpful for any further research into jewish history in Bessarabia. We would also appreciate if you have any interesting material related to history of Dombroven as photos, newspapers, magazines and books that could expand our knowledge about this shtetl.
Please, feel free to e-mail all material that you would like to share with us to address:

P.S There is also an opportunity for people willing to create web pages for jewish town of Soroki, for jewish shtetl of Sguritza, for jewish shtetl of Luyblin and others in English. Please send an e-mail with your proposal to or to site (Bessarabia SIG [Special Interest Group]

Yefim Kogan, Bessarabia SIG Coordinator,
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