The Gipsy Capital of the World?

This is our attempt to offer news about Soroki (current name Soroca, Moldova) history and current news to our english readers, who's roots and ancestors are from the town or surrounding area

The Gipsy Capital of the World?

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In Moldavia there is an interesting city called Soroki. The city is right on the boarder with Ukraine. Today we’ll speak about a Gipsy phenomenon connected with this place. The Gipsy block located here on the high bank impresses most tourists who come here only to look at the settled Gipsy mode of life. Many people believe that Gipsies are often ill-dressed, bothering people in the streets, living in Gipsy bands or at stations. But they do have houses! And what houses they have! In the ordinary provincial Moldavian city they simply delight!

Please read the whole story and see a full album of gipsy houses built at the hill of Soroki.
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